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Anabolic Diet

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The main problem you’ll experience when doing the Anabolic Diet the 1st time, is not knowing what to eat. This post will give you inspiration:  Foods you can eat on the Anabolic Diet.

Red Meat. Rich in protein and cholesterol. Red meat is key to the Anabolic Diet: it helps muscle gains & fat loss and provides you with energy. The bulk of your diet must consist of red meat. Most people feel best with steak.

1. Beef. Chuck is economical and has 20% fat.

2. Pork. Cheap source of protein & fat.

3. Lamb. Tender & flavored. Very fatty meat.

4. Ground. Hamburgers are easy. Chuck & beef contain good amounts of fat.

5. Dried Meats. Beef jerky, Bresaola, …

6. Bacon. American Bacon, Streaky Bacon, Fresh Bacon, Pancetta,…

7. Sausages. Chorizo, Pepporini, Merguez, …

8. Salami. Corned Beef, Baloney, Calabrese, Soppressata, …

9. Ham. Ardennes Ham, Jambon de Bayonne, Prosciutto, Jamon Iberico, …

. White meat is less fatty than red meat. You can eat white meat for the sake of variety, but remember you need animal fat on the Anabolic Diet. Eat the darker meat (thighs/legs) and the skin.

10. Chicken. Chicken thighs, chicken legs, whole chicken, …

11. Turkey. Leaner than chicken.

12. Duck. Wild duck is very fat.

13. Goose. Less fatty than duck, but fattier than chicken.

14. Ground Chicken. Hamburgers from ground chicken.

15. Ground Turkey. Leaner than ground chicken.

16. Fowl. Good source of protein, but lean meat.

17. Pheasant. Same as fowl: good for protein, but low fat.

. Rich in proteins & omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty fish promotes fat breakdown and increase your testosterone levels. Fish is a better choice than poultry on the Anabolic Diet. If you don’t like fish, take a fish oil supplement.

18. Anchovies. Rinse the salt off.

19. Carp.

20. Catfish.

21. Herring.

22. Mackerel. Cheap, tasty and rich in fat.

23. Salmon. Salmon steaks, smoked salmon, …

24. Sardines.

25. Sturgeon.

26. Trout.

27. Tuna. Tuna cans are low in fat. Try tuna steaks.


28. Crab.

29. Lobster.

30. Mussels. Steamed mussels.

31. Prawns. Grilled with a salad.

32. Shrimps. Fry them in olive oil with garlic.

33. Squid.

34. Calamari. Fry in olive oil, serve with a salad.

. Eggs are, next to red meat, your best source of protein & saturated fat on the Anabolic Diet. Cheese is also rich in protein & saturated fat. Eat whole eggs & cheese for snacks, top cheese on meats & veggies, …

35. Eggs. Eat the yolk. Make omelets, scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, …

36. Italian Cheese. Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmesan, Pecorino, Gorgonzola, …

37. French Cheese. Brie, Camembert, Comte, Roquefort,…

38. Swiss Cheese. Emmental, Gruyère, Raclette,…

39. Dutch Cheese. Gouda, Edam, …

40. Other cheese: Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Feta,…

41. Heavy Whipping Cream. 40% fat. Use it instead of milk in your coffee.

42. Whey. You shouldn’t need whey with all the meat, eggs & cheese.

. Balance your fat intake for best results.

43. Fish Oil. Liquid form or caps, rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

44. Cod Liver Oil. Omega-3, vitamin A, vitamin D.

45. Ground Flax Seeds. Omega-3. Rich in fiber. 2tbsp/day to help digestion.

46. Real Butter. No margarines. Cook your meat in real butter, tastes better.

47. Argan Oil. Rich in omega-6. Tastes great with salads.

48. Olive Oil. Omega-9. Use extra virgin olive oil.

. Rich in protein & fat. However they contain carbs. You can’t get more than 25g carbs on your no-carbs days. So eat max 100g nuts on those days.

49. Almonds.

50. Cashew.

51. Hazelnuts.

52. Pecans.

53. Pine Nuts. Try pesto.

54. Pistachio.

55. Walnuts.

. Prevent hunger by filling your stomach. All your meals should contain veggies. Especially green veggies: they’re rich in fiber, which helps digestion.

56. Asparagus.

57. Avocado. Has fat.

58. Brussels Sprouts. Boil, then fry in olive oil with onion and add pepper.

59. Broccoli. Boil, then grill with Parmesan.

60. Cauliflower.

61. Cabbage. Green, white or red cabbage. Add pieces of bacon.

62. Celery.

63. Chicory. Ham, cheese & chicory. Grill in your oven.

64. Cucumbers.

65. Eggplant. Scrambled Eggs with Eggplant & Garlic.

66. Garlic.

67. Green Beans. Fry them with onions.

68. Lettuce. Green or red leaf.

69. Mushrooms. All kinds.

70. Olives. Black, green, red.

71. Onions.

72. Peppers. Bell Peppers, red, green, yellow peppers, chili peppers, …

73. Pumpkin.

74. Radish.

75. Salad. Romaine, iceberg, spring salad mix, …

76. Shallot. Scrambled Eggs with Tuna, Green Pepper & Shallot.

77. Spinach. Combats acidity from protein. Try these spinach recipes.

78. Zucchini. Scrambled Eggs with Zucchini, Tomato & Ground Round.

. Contain carbs: fructose. Since you can’t get more than 25g carbs on your no-carbs days, almost none works on the Anabolic Diet. Eat fruits on your carb days. Except these 2 which are ok if you stay within the 25g carbs/day limit.

79. Berries. Strawberries, blueberries, black berries, raspberries,…

80. Watermelon.

. You won’t stick to your diet if you don’t enjoy your meals. Flavor your dishes. You can use spices & herbs as much as you want.

81. Vinegar. Add balsemic vinegar to your salads.

82. Mayonnaise. Real full fat mayonnaise, not the fat free stuff.

83. Condiments. Mustard, harissa, …

84. Herbs. Oregano, thyme, basil, …

85. Spices. Pepper, cumin, cayenne pepper, …

. Avoid sugar containing beverages like fruit juices & sodas. Alcohol doesn’t work on the Anabolic Diet since it usually contains sugar. Keep all of these for your weekend carb days.

86. Water. 1 cup on waking up, 2 cups with each meal, sip water while training.

87. Green Tea. Full of anti-oxidants.

88. Diet Soda. If you can’t live without it, diet soda is ok.

. Saturday & Sunday is when most people eat carbs on the Anabolic Diet. The cleaner the carbs, the less likely you’ll reach for the couch. Best is to go for unprocessed, whole-grain carbs.

89. Bread. Tortilla, sandwiches, …

90. Cereal.

91. Corn.

92. Fruits. Banana, raisins, apples, oranges, …

93. Honey.

94. Milk.

95. Oats. With milk and raisins or apples or berries. Microwave. Add cinnamon.

96. Pancakes.

97. Pasta. Spaghetti, tricolor, cappellini, cannelloni, lasagna, …

98. Peas.

99. Potatoes. Sweet potatoes, yams, …

100. Rice. Long grain, brown rice, Thai rice, …

101. Quinoa. The king of the rice.

Print this article and come back to it while on the Anabolic Diet. It will give you inspiration when you can’t come up with meals or get bored of your diet.

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