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For all women, many genetic factors make it a little harder to reach our ideal body – it is often much easier for men! Burning pure body fat and achieving a flattering lean, toned physique requires we do the right type of physical training and maintain an anti-estrogenic nutrition plan. We are predisposed to hold 20% more fat, have larger fat cells and less lean muscle than men, so it’s very important to train in the correct way to get rid of that stubborn fat and not waste time on ineffective routines. Regular tailored resistance training that targets the whole body, particularly ‘slow to respond areas’ like the thighs, bum, abdominals and back of the arms, combined with a clean and varied, toxin-free nutritional programme is the most effective way to get lean. It will also ensure you are helping to eliminate cellulite and obtain a firm, toned, healthy body.

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